Parables in Luke

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Talk Link The parable of the mad materialist Luke 12: 13-21 Pastor Wes Johnston 24th February AM
Talk Link The parable of the soils Luke 8: 4-15 Pastor Wes Johnston 2nd March AM
Talk Link The rich man and Lazarus Luke 16: 19-31 Pastor Wes Johnston 9th March AM
Talk Link The Forgiving Father Luke 15: 11-32 Pastor Wes Johnston 30th March AM
Talk Link Don't give up Luke 11: 5-13, 18: 1-8 Pastor Wes Johnston 6th April AM
Talk Link The Good Samaritan Luke 10: 25-37 Pastor Wes Johnston 13th April AM
Talk Link So grateful for Grace! Luke 7: 36-50 Pastor Wes Johnston 20th April AM
Talk Link The Shrewd Manager Luke 16: 1-13 Pastor Wes Johnston 27th April AM
Talk Link Time is precious! Luke 13: 1-9 Pastor Wes Johnston 4th May AM