Here is a summary of our basic beliefs.

If you’d like a more detailed summary, please download our Basis of Faith. You may also like to look at our Why Believe? page.

  • We believe the Bible has been given by inspiration of God. It reveals Jesus Christ who is the eternal word of God and teaches everything we need to know in order to live for his glory.
  • We believe that humanity has rebelled against God, a rebellion the Bible calls ’sin’ and that as a result of sin, we are all separated from God — under his just condemnation.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the living Saviour who changes the lives of all who put their faith in him, by delivering them from the power of sin. Through his death on the Cross at Calvary, Jesus took upon himself the just punishment for sin that we deserve. God will forgive those who trust in Jesus Christ and will accept them as his own people.
  • We believe that it is God who calls us to put our trust in Christ, and because it is God who provided forgiveness and cleansing from sin through Jesus Christ, he will sustain all those who turn to him, transforming their lives and giving them a sense of his peace and joy.
  • We believe that Jesus is coming again to judge humanity. All those who trust in Christ will enjoy fellowship with God, forever. The condemnation of God will fall on the unrighteous and they will be eternally separated from God.