Emmanuel’s Pre-School is staffed by Christians who are trained to nurture and support the development of children through a variety of activities. We play indoors and outdoors, and we play with water, sand, paint, glue, jigsaws, playdough, cars, trains, dolls, dressing up, books, construction pieces and more, the list is endless!

Some comments from our parents:

"You have made a significant difference in our children’s lives"

"We have watched the three of our children grow in confidence and develop into happy, content individuals, having had the best possible start in their education and well being."

"Sacrificial hard work and love for our child, providing a God filled nurturing environment for him to grow and thrive…thank-you"

"On behalf of their child: "Thank you for teaching me, looking after me, playing, singing and laughing with me...and so much more."

Before the church changed its name in 2015 the preschool was known as LRBC Preschool. It achieved an outstanding rating when inspected in 2015.

Pre-School Outstanding
The OFSTED report included the following comments:

"All children and parents are warmly welcomed into the Pre-school, each child is treated with equal concern and their individuality is greatly respected. What the children say and do is valued highly."

"Staff are a well-established team who know the children well, creating a warm, extremely caring environment. Staff give excellent explanations to the children about how their action andbehaviour affects others and act as very good role models, the partnership with parents is very good."

Download the OFSTED report.

Pre-School meets at our newly refurbished building in Horsforth (opposite Hall Park) on five days a week during term time, Monday/Thursday 9am-3pm and Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday from 9am-12pm.

If you would like to know more about our new facilities please contact our preschool leader below.

Download our SEN Local Offer.

Please e-mail us at or phone 0113 2759705 or the church office for details.

Emmanuel’s Pre-School is led by Grace Smith.