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Talk Link Our freedom in Christ Romans 8: 1-4 Pastor Wes Johnston 16th September PM
Talk Link Our family inheritance Romans 8: 12-17 Pastor Wes Johnston 30th September PM
Talk Link Does everything work together for good? Romans 8: 28-39 Pastor Wes Johnston 14th October PM
Talk Link "Question time" Romans 8: 28-39 Pastor Wes Johnston 21st October PM
Talk Link Letting God be God Romans 9: 1-29 Pastor Wes Johnston 4th November PM
Talk Link Whose righteousness? Romans 9: 30-10:13 Pastor Wes Johnston 11th November PM
Talk Link Hearing the good news Romans 10: 14-21 Pastor Wes Johnston 18th November PM
Talk Link Is there a future for Israel? Romans 11: 1-32 Pastor Wes Johnston 25th November PM