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Talk Link The Father's favourite Genesis 37: 1-44 Pastor Wes Johnston 6th July PM
Talk Link Appearances can be deceptive Genesis 39: 1-23 Pastor Wes Johnston 13th July PM
Talk Link Strength in adversity Genesis 40: 1-23 Pastor Wes Johnston 20th July PM
Talk Link Being filled with the Spirit Genesis 41: 1-16, 25-41 Pastor Wes Johnston 17th August PM
Talk Link Sorry... that's not repentance Genesis 42: 1-38 Pastor Wes Johnston 24th August PM
Talk Link Real hope of change Genesis 43: 1-14, 29-34, 44: 25-34 Pastor Wes Johnston 31st August PM
Talk Link True love waits Genesis 45: 1-15 Pastor Wes Johnston 7th September PM
Talk Link Grace leads to grace Genesis 50: 15-26 Pastor Wes Johnston 14th September PM