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Talk Link Covetous or Content? Exodus 20:17 & Phillipians 4:10-13 Pastor Wes Johnston 4th March 2012 AM
Talk Link Speaking Truth - Exodus 20:16 & Matthew 5:33-37 Pastor Wes Johnston 5th February 2012 AM
Talk Link Do not steal! Exodus 20:15 Pastor Wes Johnston 4th December 2011 AM
Talk Link Radical Purity Exodus 20:14 & Matthew 5:27-30 Pastor Wes Johnston 6th November 2011 AM
Talk Link Life is sacred Exodus 20:1-13 Pastor Wes Johnston 2nd October 2011 AM
Talk Link Honouring our parents Exodus 20:12 & Ephesians 6:1-4 Pastor Wes Johnston 3rd July 2011 AM
Talk Link Call the Lord's Day a delight Exodus 20:8-11 Pastor Wes Johnston 1st May 2011 AM
Talk Link What's in a name? Exodus 20:1-7 Pastor Wes Johnston 3rd April 2011 AM
Talk Link True Freedom Exodus 20:1-6 Pastor Wes Johnston 6th March 2011 AM
Talk Link The Good Life Exodus 19:4-6, 20:1-3 Pastor Wes Johnston 6th February 2011 AM
Talk Link Jesus and God's Law Matthew 5: 17-20 Pastor Wes Johnston 7th November 2010 AM