The uniqueness of the Bible, the beauty of the natural world, the testimony of changed lives…all provide reasons to believe in a living and loving Creator.

However, no amount of evidence will convince anyone who has no intention of believing! The atheist Aldous Huxley wrote very honestly about his reason for believing that life had no meaning and that God does not exist:
“I had motives for not wanting the world to have meaning; consequently I assumed it had none…”

But perhaps you are genuinely searching for meaning in life. You really want to know if God exists, and if he does, how can we possibly relate to him? At Emmanuel we believe that God is the creator of everything – including us! He alone gives us the ability to think and reason, and to have faith in him – even though we cannot see him directly. God is not hiding from us…and those who really seek him will find him!

Christians don’t believe in a ‘blind faith’. We believe that our faith is reasonable…though that doesn’t mean we know the answer to everything! So do take a look at the links on the left…we hope you find some things to think about!

Perhaps you’ve still got questions that remain unanswered and want to know more about Christianity? Why not take a look at our Ever wondered? series of talks or sign up for our Christianity Explored course.

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