I was Christened as an infant and the promise my parents made to raise me in good Anglican tradition was followed up. Mum took my brother and I along to services and Sunday school at the local C of E church, dad had no Christian background and kept away, he said that we didn’t have to go. Yet we continued.


In my teens, Church and family circumstances took rather a twist. At Church we had a change of vicar; the new chap actively reached out to men and my dad started to engage with the church. Mum fell rather ill, needing an operation from which she had a 50:50 chance of surviving. The support of the church was fantastic. Looking back now I can see that this response, along with all the prayers said on our behalf, really opened my eyes to a compassionate and powerful God. Through this mum openly confessed Christ as her Saviour, dad put his trust in the Lord, was baptised and confirmed. Within a year or so my brother and I became Christians whilst on Pathfinder holidays (Christian youth holiday). I had always believed what was taught in Sunday School, but the Christian message was put to me in such a clear way on this holiday and I believe that the recent family events had primed me to truly see what a loving God we have, that He is with us through adversity and that Jesus Christ suffered so that my sins could be forgiven.

Today, with my own husband and two children, our shared faith guides us through life and bonds us together.