How many of us have used the following excuses?

  • I'm busy because I need to prove myself.
  • I'm busy because of other people's expectations.
  • I'm busy because otherwise things get out of control.
  • I'm busy because I prefer being under pressure.
  • I'm busy because I need the money.
  • I'm busy because I want to make the most out of life.

tim-chester-guide-to-busynessUsing a biblical framework of work and leisure, Tim Chester addresses some of the lies we believe that lead to being overly busy.  He argues that people don't feel stress just because they have a lot on; we feel stressed when we try to do more than we can.  In other words, when we try to do more than God expects of us. He points out that simply doing more or less in and of itself is NOT the answer - we need to look at our hearts, and work out what lies are driving us to try and do more than we can.

We are challenged to ask ourselves if our whole lives are glorifying to God by looking at using time efficiently and working out biblical priorities.  Tim gives a number of suggestions in how this can be done.  This is useful in re-orienting our thinking when it can be so easy to slip into worldly priorities.

The key issue Tim addresses is the question of why we try to do more than we can and especially why we feel we must do more than God expects of us.  We must remember that the Bible commends work and rest and that both are to be done for the glory of God.

I thoroughly recommend this book, especially if you feel you are on the edge of burning out or you are overly stressed by what you feel are important tasks in your life.

Natalie Robinson

Top Photo: Flickr - andygeers