A Warm Welcome from Pastor Wes

We understand that it can be daunting walking into a new church for the first time. And whatever your reason for visiting our website: Welcome to our church – I’m really pleased you’re here.

Emmanuel is a Christian, Bible teaching church. We’re one of many evangelical churches in Leeds. An evangelical Church is a group of Christians who believe it is important to tell others the good news about how Jesus can save us from our sins.

If you haven’t been to church before, or perhaps not for a long time, you might be wondering: “What actually happens?” First of all, relax. You won’t be asked to do anything! You also don’t have to be a Christian – we welcome people from all faiths and walks of life.

As you get to know us you will find that we’re…

• Passionate about the Gospel (good news) of Jesus. Our aim is to make and grow new disciples of Jesus. We love God and want others to know him too.
• Our priority is teaching the Bible well so that people can hear and engage with its message in a relevant way. We want to engage seriously with God’s word. As a result, we normally work our way systematically through whole books of the Bible.
• We believe the church is a family and we delight in our unity and diversity. Our love for Jesus is what unites us – we are all one in him. We want Emmanuel to be a safe place for anyone to engage with the Gospel and grow in their understanding of God regardless of their situation in life.
• We are generous in our attitudes toward other evangelical churches in the city. We hold our own values and beliefs strongly, nevertheless we recognise and appreciate the contribution that other churches make to the vitality and prosperity of our city. We stand firmly on the Gospel essentials
and seek to embrace those who differ with us on secondary matters.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to our website today and may join us in person soon. Please complete the Contact Card if you’d like to stay in touch. 

You could also follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with special events and services.

We look forward to getting to know you in the future.
Yours in Jesus’ name,

Pastor Wes
(Senior Pastor)