Free car parking near Emmanuel

There is both on-street parking and car parking spaces near the church.

While some parking is time-limited through the week (especially on the High Street), much is free and not time limited at all. We always ask visitors to be considerate to residents when using on-street parking around the church.

Parking spaces can be located as follows – see map below:

Car parks
  • Fink Hill Car Park
  • Horsforth Hall Park
  • Morrisons (up to 2 hours)
  • Kerry Hill Car Park
On-street parking
  • Hall Lane (beyond Park Gate Close)
  • Fink Hill (between the Ring Road and Emmanuel)
  • Stony Rise
  • Drury Lane
  • New Street (between New Crescent and Feastfield)
  • Hall Park Avenue (between Church Road and Hall Park Rise)
  • High Street (up to 2 hours Monday to Saturday)