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Talk Link Faith in a hostile culture Daniel 1: 1-21 Pastor Wes Johnston 16th May PM
Talk Link Prayer under pressure Daniel 2: 1-23 Pastor Wes Johnston 23rd May PM
Talk Link Let God be God Daniel 2 Pastor Matthew Seymour 30th May PM
Talk Link Keep yourselves from idols Daniel 3 Pastor Matthew Seymour 6th June PM
Talk Link Learning the hard way Daniel 4: 10-33 Pastor Wes Johnston 13th June PM
Talk Link The writing on the wall Daniel 5: 1-31 Pastor Wes Johnston 20th June PM
Talk Link Daniel in the Angel's den Daniel 6 Pastor Matthew Seymour 27th June PM
Talk Link The triumph of the King Daniel 7 Pastor Wes Johnston 4th July PM
Talk Link In Days of Evil Daniel 8 Pastor Wes Johnston 11th July PM
Talk Link Prayer of faith Daniel 9: 1-23 Pastor Wes Johnston 18th July PM
Talk Link A short history of redemption Daniel 9: 1-3, 20-27 Pastor Matthew Seymour 25th July PM
Talk Link The Appointed Time Daniel 11 Pastor Wes Johnston 5th September PM
Talk Link How to keep faith in a broken world Daniel 11: 36 - 12: 13 Pastor Matthew Seymour 12th September PM